You want to provide a well-maintained car park where traffic flow is not restricted by unauthorised parking. OBServices make this a reality for clients throughout Britain.

Ensuring that parking bays are free of unauthorised vehicles and that service areas and other spaces not authorised for parking remain free of any obstructions, is vital to the running of any site. Unauthorised parking impedes traffic flow, causes bad feelings amongst patrons and can affect levels of repeat business. It is also a non-ending task, requiring constant attention. So why not let OBServices take the hassle out of managing your car park?

How Does Car Park Management Work?

The short answer to this question is ‘however you need it to work.’ We begin by carrying out a survey of your site; we go on to provide professional advice and a fully tailored solution.

OBServices provides various parking services which can include:

ANPR Systems
  • Allow entry to authorised vehicles (only when used in conjunction with a barrier system)
  • Monitor traffic flow — building up a picture of peak and off-peak times/days
  • Create a list of allowed predetermined registration numbers thereby only targeting unauthorised vehicles.
  • Static or mobile patrols.
  • Ensure that all drivers and visitors adhere to any terms, conditions, and restrictions applying to the individual site.
  • Issue private parking tickets as required.
  • Provide a presence on site.
  • Identify repeat offenders and advise you, the client, if required.
  • Provide disabled bay patrols to ensure that your disabled visitors may access them.