Attended Car Parks

By placing a member of our staff on-site, you not only receive a point of contact, but you also have the added bonus of a deterrent for criminal activity, this considerably increases the confidence of customers that they can park in safety.

An attended system is an effective alternative when the enforcement of the parking ticket is not appropriate. A Parking attendant is placed on-site at times to suit the client’s requirements.

Their role is to endure that drivers adhere to the terms and conditions which apply to the site and to advise on where to park.

If a driver contravenes the terms and conditions and the advice of the parking attendant, they are issued with a warning notice, which advises the driver that:

  • They have parked in contravention of the terms and conditions.
  • A note of their registration number has been taken for future reference.

Should the vehicle park on-site at any time in the future and contravened the terms and conditions, a parking ticket will be issued, payable within 28 days.

The tickets issued within this type of parking control are usually only enforced at the client’s discretion.

Our prime objective is to keep parking bays, service areas, private roads and other areas free of unauthorized parking and eliminate the problems which affect our clients. Our professional advice will enable you to select the right solution for your car park.