Parking Personnel

"At OPC we have over 30 years of experience within Parking control & Security, let us help you to make the right decision for your parking requirements. Please call the office for one of our trained staff to recommend the best solution for your needs".

Professional Advice

At OPC we have wide experience in parking control and in security. Members of our highly specialist team will thoroughly discuss with you your exact requirements, the specific problems you’re currently encountering with your site and how we can work with you to rectify these problems. Based on this information, we will produce the proposal that best suits your needs. We will deal with your enquiry promptly and efficiently and will happily answer in detail any questions that you may have about the various services we offer.

We maintain regular contact with our clients to ensure that they are happy with the service that we are providing them and always respond promptly to any problems that might arise.

On Site Personnel

All OPC parking attendants and security personnel are individually vetted and fully trained to ensure high standards of service are always maintained. Emphasis is placed on remaining cool-headed, professional and courteous, whilst being firm in the delivery of their duties.

Parking attendants are uniformed for easy identification and to maintain professionalism. Security personnel are also dressed in uniform, or suitably dressed for the work that they are carrying out.

Our on-site personnel have a clear understanding of their role in supporting our clients and in maintaining the standards and reputation of OPC.